Helping You Build the Biggest USP of Your Life- YOU


Keynote Speaker, Certified PCC Coach, Engineering Leader

With a focus to lead my coaches in their right direction through coaching engagements, I enable them to reach a New Level of Self-awareness, Wellness, and Empowerment.

Working closely with Executive Leaders and Mid-Career Professionals, I empower them to see the unseen; the Future Reality that they can build for themselves. I enable them to Discover their Purpose, Craft their Vision, and Achieve their Goals.

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Unlock your True Power

Do you often ask yourself, “What do I truly love to do?” or “What is the purpose of my life?”

If you need to reach for the answers you cannot find, you have to have honest conversations with yourself. It requires you to look within and look out. However, the process of finding such answers is uncomfortable. You may meet your hidden fears. That’s where I come in, to hold your space while you fight your fears to find the authentic YOU. Let me be your lamp of wisdom and help you find your inner voice to discover your true potential. Discover your answers with me and learn managing self better!

Purpose. Passion. Perseverance

Keynote Speaker

I am invited to speak on various topics like Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Technology, Diversity and Inclusion.

PCC Coach

Feel blessed to be a catalyst for enabling Future Envisioning, Clarity in Purpose and Unlocking Human Potential.

Engineering Leader

As a seasoned Technology Leader, I’m committed to my Teams and Stakeholders to drive Results that Impact.


Igniting the Inner Light

I’ve navigated through storms and built my resilience to become the best version of myself. I’ve achieved my goal of being a leading woman in tech, an advocate of empowerment, and a coach in personal transformation. Still, I can’t say there wasn’t a time when I needed a mentor and coach to help me find my way in life. I understand the impact of having someone who can motivate you to achieve your goals-whether small or big. Therefore, I constantly try to collaborate with people who require help in altering their life, creating clear visions, and developing actionable plans.

I believe in channeling the power within you into empowering you to get out of your comfort zone and find happiness.


Enabling Transformational Change

I enhance leadership which empowers people through clear vision, inspiration, confidence, and a call for action.

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Career Transition Coaching

Rediscover yourself and create a vision of what you want from life. I will help you:

  • Reflect within to understand yourself better
  • Get clarity on  your values and enhance your well-being
  • Build resilience in changing situations through honest conversations

Choose to achieve your goals with a clear vision and strategy.

Women Leadership Coaching

Soar to new heights in your professional journey. Our dynamic coaching program is designed to

  • Sharpen decision-making abilities
  • Refine your leadership style and unleash full potential
  • Navigate complex organizational dynamics with ease

Let me help you build empathetic friendships with yourself and others.

Group coaching

Let’s bridge the gap between what people do and what they can achieve. I help teams through performance coaching by:

  • Decreasing communication risks and conflict
  • Bringing cohesive relationship dynamics to teams
  • Reinforce skills and strengths in team members

It’s time to empower your teams to work towards a common goal innovatively

As a Leader in Tech

As a seasoned versatile leader working at various domains like Cloud Solution, Enterprise Business, and Consumer Business at Oracle, Informatica, CGI and Intuit, I bring in a diverse expertise of 24+ years of engineering leadership experience.

Women hold just 34% of the IT workforce in India–depicting a major gender gap. There are various deep-rooted social stigmas of IT being a male-only field. I wish to promote women’s leadership positions, bridge the gender gap by catering to men, employ leadership coaching, and change this situation by:

  1. Bringing transformation in technology and creating leaders
  2. Leading new development teams and growing established products
  3. Advancing women in leadership positions
  4. Improving the engagement of allyship in the workforce

Let us work on short or long-term goals with your teams to increase their efficiency, inclusiveness, and motivation.

As a Keynote Speaker

Having solved various challenges in my life, I built resilience in myself to achieve anything I put my mind to. Today, after delivering more than 200 talks and workshops internationally, I’m well-equipped to:

  1. Customize my speech with the event’s objectives and solve problems that affect us
  2. Put the light on issues concerning leadership, diversity and inclusion, technical engineering, and more
  3. Connect with the audience with my outgoing personality and love for interaction
  4. Increase the audience’s engagement in the event through my rich experience

Let your audience enjoy a positive impact in their life through my personalized speech

What do Clients Say About me!

Preethi has taught me to be resilient, self-compassionate and non-apologetic. After my interactions with her, I always come out with new insights and positive outlook. She brings about the balance and positivity in difficult situations. These are the characteristics I believe is required to have a positive self-image and navigate through various challenging situations. She has played a major role as a coach to help in making career moves and lifestyle changes. Insightful conversations with her have helped me to get out of difficult situations and make the right decisions. She is compassionate and caring and empathetic.

Smitha Mave Engineering Leader

Preethi is an individual who exudes strong commitment in everything she does. Her cool nature, friendly demeanor, and positive encouragement have kept me connected to her. Her mentoring approach proved invaluable when I was feeling confused about my career path. Through her guidance and thought-provoking questions, she helped me gain clarity and take action towards achieving my goals. One memorable piece of advice she shared with me was, "Try to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to learn and grow in life." This statement continues to be a driving force for me, especially during challenging times. I urge others not to form quick judgments but to remain open-minded and willing to listen. By doing so, you will appreciate being in the presence of Preethi. She has been an exceptional coach and friend to me, and I am grateful for her support.

Praveen R Student

Preethi has helped understand the way our mind works. Even now when I’m in two thoughts, I take a pause, reflect on questions Preethi would have asked me, and then take final call. I’ve an anchor room which Preethi helped me visualize with all my achievements, in situations of self-doubt, I keep re visiting it. I have always struggled with seeking multiple validations, through this anchor room, my self-confidence has improved tremendously. It is a treasure and priceless learning for lifetime. She has helped me in finding my inner self. Her methodologies were eye opener for me. The sessions with Preethi was a turning point for me, I’ll be forever grateful and blessed to the meaning she has brought to my life.

Nikita Agrawal Assistant Manager Business

Preethi taught me many things, few of them are- "If you are right, put your foot down"., "Support your peers always when they need". She always inspired everyone in the team to bring out the best in them. She always gave honest feedback and ensured she provided guidance on how to work on any suggestion. Thank you for being open- minded, constructive and helpful with all of the advice you’ve given.

Neha Raj Director of Engineering

I highly recommend Preethi as a coach, community contributor, and overall incredible person. Her contributions to the tech ecosystem through talks, coaching, and leadership have been truly remarkable. Her humility, down-to-earth nature, and approachability creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere. She is a role model for me as I navigate my own career. Her guidance has helped me delve deeper within myself, leading to personal growth and greater happiness. One particular tool Preethi shared with me, the prioritization matrix, has been invaluable. It has empowered me to effectively prioritize both my personal and professional responsibilities, enhancing my productivity and decision-making. I have no doubt that Preethi will continue to establish herself as an exceptional coach, making a difference in the lives of many individuals. Her dedication, expertise, and genuine care for others shines through in all she does.

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan Technical Program Manager

She is one of the best leaders that I ever had. She was goal oriented and even when she was not geographically on the same place that my team was, she was always aware of every task that we were doing. She has also excellent technical skills and I'm proud of have had the chance of learning from her.

Aldo Amezcua Senior Software Engineer

Preethi makes me feel very comfortable to talk openly, to express my vulnerabilities without any doubt of judgment. She probes me in ways which really have helped me reflect deeply and be more self-aware. I definitely have learnt a lot of better ways to navigate corporate life whilst maintaining a balance in personal life, from my interactions with her. She has helped me figure out a different perspective towards career and self-care which includes letting go sometimes and not giving up on my interests and passion. Preethi is a true leader, dedicating her time, energy, and efforts towards her passion of enabling other women. Her confidence is infectious, and she walks the talk. It is amazing how she sticks to the commitments in between her very busy schedule, and I find her calm, yet strong and determined.

Sobhitha Neelanath Engineering Leader

I had the privilege of working with Preethi in Database Provisioning and DBaaS team for more than five years. Preethi is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically very sound Manager and she is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done. I admired her way of managing our team.

Sakthivel Subburaja Staff Engineer

Preethi is always been dedicated source whom you can rely on for any kind of work. She is good in understanding complex architectures and resolves any problem she laid hands upon. She is highly confident, intellect and talented person.

Suresh Chintalapudi Vice President

Exploring My Path

My journey started with an early experience of teaching and training students. Due to the challenges that life threw at me, I stepped up and started earning as a 16-year-old through teaching. I invested my daily hustle in the education of my sisters and mine. These early experiences were when my seed of being a mentor sowed in. 

Like everyone, I used to be scared about which direction I needed to drive my life next. Fortunately, one of my teachers saw potential in me and uplifted me to steer in the direction of unimagined success. After that, I never looked back. I’ve had a successful career spanning over 24 years as a Technology Leader.

paying it forward

Lean In Ambassador from India

Founded by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) in 2013, Lean In is a network spread across 184 countries with around 50,000 women members. It is an initiative to help women come together to get inspired by each other and create an equal world.

My journey at Lean In started while I was in Bangalore. As a close-knit community of women, we would discuss the challenges regarding work-life balance while playing various roles in our lives. These conversations helped us reflect within and motivated us to bring a change in the world. As a ambassador of Lean In from India, I had privilege to meet Sheryl Sandberg in the Lean In Conference. In 2017, I was proud to win the Global Award for Women In Tech – The Platform for Tech Women to grow and flourish in the People First Category.

I’m here to empower you, envision your future, find your voice, identify your purpose and find the gem in you to SHINE!

About Us

My Route To Where I Am Today!

My journey started with an early experience of teaching and training students. Due to the challenges that life threw at me, I stepped up and started earning as a 16-year-old through teaching. I invested my daily hustle in the education of my sisters and mine. These early experiences were when my seed of being a mentor sowed in. 

Like everyone, I used to be scared about which direction I needed to drive my life next. Fortunately, one of my teachers saw potential in me and uplifted me to steer in the direction of unimagined success. After that, I never looked back. I’ve had a successful career spanning over 24 years as a Technology Leader.

However, I could not be where I am today if it weren’t for my mother. She was a hard-working woman who built her career successfully before cancer took her away. Yet, her strength, courage, and kindness stayed with me. Her love for us and her career inspired me to be who I am today!


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